Today FORTUNE TECHSERVE is one of the leading fast growing IT company that provides product sales and service solutions to the customers. FORTUNE TECHSERVE offers cutting edge, end to end, customized technology solutions to meet client technology and business requirements in the area of networking, data security and data center management. FORTUNE TECHSERVE has tied up globally with leading partners who provide excellent support.
       FORTUNE TECHSERVE is well poised and committed to continue this exponential growth by bringing in the latest technology to its customers. Our technology is the most up to date with expanding solutions to its clients. Our aim is to design, build, secure and manage their network infrastructures. Our Focus will be on interaction with the customers, to enable the network, and also provide security systems that establish their business identity. In doing so, we provide cost effective solutions to the customers using our latest technologies. Our focus is to provide technical solutions to customers in par with Global IT standards.
We have a group of well- developed talent for the development of the company. Together we work as a team under one roof helping us reach our destiny. Our slogan is "Quality, Service and Solutions". These are the three parameters most important to develop our business.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide world class products, services, and solutions for IT sectors, both LAN and WAN based on media, leased lines and wireless connectivities.
Our Vision
"Making Information... Work for the people". This is what we believe in. We provide the best IT networking infrastructure and solution to our clients. Our vision is to become the world's no.1 IT infrastructurers and to be the best supporters.